All I dream about is RSS

Cyril Roger


Are you a news junkie? Do you find yourself checking your favorite newsites every 10 minutes to get that headline adrenaline? If so, you must know about Really Simple Syndication (RSS). RSS allows you to keep up to date with all new articles or posts that your favorite site puts up. Here at Softonic we mostly use the inbuilt RSS feature from Firefox, but if there was one to recommend we would go for Blogbridge. This stand alone rss application allows you to search and add the syndication feeds from a url and lets you set tags and ratings. While it is mostly destined for blog fanatics, you can also use it to follow up on normal websites. What we like in Blogbridge is also the interface, with the main window to read your post, and the left side of the interface revealing your list of feeds, a thumbnail for each of them and a short description. If you’re hooked on RSS, what feed reader would you recommend to other users and why?

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