Does Virtual DJ Work With Hardware? Yes!

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Softonic Editorial Team

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VirtualDJ is a program for both Windows and Mac used by DJs to replace CD players and turntables. Instead of vinyl records of CDs, VirtualDJ uses digital music.

The software gives users incredible functionality and is easy to use on a desktop or laptop. It has all the features and more of traditional DJ hardware.

Does Virtual DJ Work With Hardware? Yes!


With VirtualDJ, you can do so much more than with a basic media player, including:

Mix songs, letting you play multiple tracks at the same time. Easy-to-use controls let you change speeds, apply effects, crossfade, and scratch songs. Additionally, you can set cues and recall them on demand.

One of the most powerful tools in VirtualDJ is the way it lets you organize your tracks collection on a PC, Mac, or laptop. You can group tracks the way you want and deploy filters to find the right songs quickly. You can also access previous playlists and find other tracks with complementary keys or beats per minute. Missing a track? VirtualDJ can find it on the Internet and stream it.

The community of VirtualDJ users means you can find recommendations and suggestions from DJs all over the world on techniques, tips, and tracks.

VirtualDJ also lets you play videos or karaoke lyrics. The program works easily when visuals are projected onto a wall, club screen, or large-screen television. From your computer, you can incorporate a full range of effects, including beatgrid, echo, flanger, loop roll, and slicer.

The software has a built-in sampler, letting you loop samples, add drops, or even merge tracks with live performances. The sampler can be used as a sequencer, letting you create remixes in real time.


If you use other controllers for your DJing, VirtualDJ is a plug-and-play product. If you don’t like the default features, use the VDJScript language to adjust functions and the interface to your preferences. This helps in many ways, but one of the most important is that it allows you to customize your experience, something that is critical when DJing a live gig.

Knowing exactly how everything will be set up can assist you in faster song switching on your controller, and you can also assign buttons and actions to correspond on your controller, right from the software.

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Softonic Editorial Team

Softonic Editorial Team

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