Don’t be afraid of the big bad backup

Don’t be afraid of the big bad backup

data-backup.jpgHow often have you actually used backup software? Although a good way of making space on your PC, protecting your data and keeping your files organized, it seems many people shy away from backup applications and instead prefer to save files on hard drives or CDs, or even avoid backing-up at all. Alexey Spiridonov has an interesting view on what he sees has the “four common myths” that discourage people from using backup software.

A while ago we covered Backup4all, a good solution for people in professional environments that have to protect and keep sensitive data. However there’s a good deal of other solutions that you should turn to. Norton Ghost can make automatic backups with no worries on your part, Cobian Backup is free and works effectively, and PicoBackup handles different backup solutions like incremental or multi-generation.

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