Ke Huy Quan’s Heartfelt Thanks in Oscars Speech for Everything Everywhere All at Once Win

"This is the American dream!" has celebrated Ke Huy Quan.

Ke Huy Quan’s Heartfelt Thanks in Oscars Speech for Everything Everywhere All at Once Win
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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The 2023 Oscars Ceremony has finally arrived. The film party organized by the Hollywood Academy delights us, year after year, with iconic moments like the famous slap of Will Smith last year. With his return, they have not left any similar moment, but in return has distributed a very evenly matched awards.

The first of the big surprises of this ceremony was given by Ke Huy Quan. The supporting actor of Everything Everywhere All at Once was the first surprise of the gala when he won the award for Best Supporting Actor. Although it was an open secret thanks to an impressive combeback of the performer, the award has finally come true.

Ke Huy Quan’s Oscar speech was one of the most emotional of the night, as he recalled his origins as a refugee when he won the statuette:

“My mother is 84 years old and she’s at home watching this. Mom, I just won an Oscar. I spent a year in a refugee camp. They say stories like this can only happen in the movies. This is the American dream! I owe it all to the love of my life, my wife, who told me day after day that one day my time would come. To all of you out there, keep dreaming.”

SAG nominee profile: Ke Huy Quan (Everything Everywhere All at Once) -  GoldDerby

From martial arts coordinator to the Oscars

The actor has reached the pinnacle of an actor’s career after many years of dreaming about it. Ke Huy Quan is the child actor of Indiana Jones 2, where he played the role of Stopper, and The Goonies, where he played Data. We haven’t heard anything about him for many years, but his comeback has certainly been impressive.

The actor from Everything Everywhere All at Once got the role of Stopper by chance, when he accompanied his older brother to the audition. Yes, I know it’s a typical story, but in this case it seems to be true. After his role alongside Spielberg, whom he knows he owes everything to and admires, he was cast in The Goonies, but his career didn’t end there.


In 1986 he was Sam, one of the protagonists of the series A Life Together, and in 1991 he was in a Japanese martial arts musical called Breathing Fire. Shortly after he also appeared in the series Head of the Class, and had a small role in 1992 in The California Man, which also featured Fraser and Sean Astin.

Ke Huy Quan on 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' Oscar Nomination – The  Hollywood Reporter

However, he gradually lost prominence and only appeared in Asian productions as a martial arts coordinator. In fact, he was the one in charge of the stunts in the original X-Men movie, and since then he only worked in this position.

But after a role in director Jude Weng’s Finding Ohana: Hawaii’s Treasure, the Daniels brought him back for Everything Everywhere All at Once. And A24‘s film may bring his charisma back to the top of Hollwood. It certainly deserves no less.

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