eMule content database updated

donkey.jpgThe eMule database has managed to keep updating, even with a number of legal battles raging in the P2P and bittorrent worlds. All the changes have been implemented to make eMule a better user experience, “more secure”, “more functional”, and “user friendly”.

The message center has been improved and will work under a “forum based structure”. I never really chat with other userswhen I’m downloading but I suppose it’s a great way to exchange suggestions and recommend what files to download or avoid.

Following the example of a number of torrent clients, eMule has added 6 RSS feeds and set up syndication tutorials for the big three browsers, IE, Firefox and Opera. The advanced search feature has been upgraded and according to Slyck, should give you more “specific” results. I tend to find what I’m looking for, but hey, if this little improvement can rid search results of irrelevant files it can’t be bad. As Slyck arguably writes, the new “file statistics feature” will greatly improve usability. It basically allows you to see how many people are sharing a particular file “without having to download the file to find out”. That feature and the improved search should guarantee that more quality files are exchanged.

Security enhancements are probably the most important part of this update and we hope it’ll make it even safer to download P2P, although it can’t protect you from the odd dodgy file. Make sure you update your eMule to benefit from all these exciting enhancements.

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