Exclusive: 3 free copies of Decloner to give away

decloner-logo.pngDo you suspect your Mac’s hard drive is cluttered with duplicate files? It’s amazing how much hard drive space can be taken-up by them and we’ve got just the tool for you: three free licenses worth $19.95 for the excellent Decloner to give away.

Decloner helps you recover lost disk space and eliminate duplicate files on your Mac. The developers guarantee a high degree of accuracy due to the use of the SHA-1 algorithm to determine if files are identical.

Using Decloner is easy. Simply browse to the file or directory that you want to scan for duplicates and click Scan.

Depending on the size of the folder, scanning can take a while but Decloner is very accurate at identifying which files are possible duplicates.


You can choose whether to keep the oldest or newest or Trash items manually. The good thing is that whatever you do, nothing is really lost. All removed files are moved to the Trash can so you can restore them, if the worst happens. You can use QuickLook to examine the contents of suspected duplicate files or folders just as you would in Finder. Decloner even works for external drives as well.

Leave a comment saying why you’d like a free copy of Decloner and the three best will receive a license for the full version.

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