Exorcise your PC for Halloween

Cyril Roger


GhostbustersHaunted by visions of spyware and trojans invading your computer? Forget calling up an exorcist or the Ghostbusters to clean up your PC. Instead you should make sure you have the right applications set up, not only to protect your computer but also to clean up the mess any intruder can cause.

Using a lot of passwords online? Yeah, you’re not the only one. What we suggest is setting up Roboform, a solid password manager with advanced functions to fill in online forms automatically. You should also have Folder Guard installed, to keep personal files safe from the prying hands of witches and devils. What about having a solid gatekeeper to prevent all the ghouls and monsters penetrating your PC? Kaspersky Antivirus is a good choice, an antivirus that will thoroughly scan your PC for any malware. Add to that the impenetrable ZoneAlarm Firewall and your computer should be all safe and sound.

To make solid backups of your work, we suggest Norton Ghost. No it won’t invoke the Ghost of Christmas Past. Instead Norton Ghost is great at backing up and recovering anything on your PC. Malicious ads trying to slip through the holes in your PC? Ad-Aware is still one of the best malware protections on the market, with a very regularly updated database.

Don’t let the ghouls waste your Halloween night by wreaking havoc in your PC. Our security section covers all the tools you should need to make your PC as safe as Fort Knox.

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