How to move our content from Evernote to Notes

A simple movement that keeps all our notes and files.

How to move our content from Evernote to Notes
David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

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In a world where the digitization of our daily activities is increasingly prominent, choosing the right platform for note-taking has become a crucial decision. Many users have relied on Evernote for years, but recent changes in its policies have caused some to consider alternatives.


One outstanding option is the Apple Notes application, which has evolved significantly in recent years, incorporating features that position it as an excellent app in which to store our content.

How to migrate from Evernote to Notes

Evernote’s announcement to limit its free users to a maximum of 50 notes and one notebook as of December 4, 2024, has given many an additional reason to consider a switch. Fortunately, migrating from Evernote to Apple Notes is a very simple process. We do it like this:

  1. We open the Evernote app on the Mac.
  2. Go to the All Notes section in the sidebar.
  3. In the Edit menu we choose Select All. With this we will select the first 100 notes, so if we have more we will have to repeat the process after deleting the ones we have already moved.
  4. From the File menu select Export notes. In the dialog box select the Evernote ENEX (.enex) format and check the boxes corresponding to the attributes of the notes you want to include.
  5. Choose a name for the file and tap Save.
  6. Open the Notes app.
  7. From the File menu choose Import to Notes.
  8. Select the file we have just generated.
  9. If desired, check the Preserve folder structure on import checkbox.
  10. Tap Import.

After these steps, our Evernote notes will automatically appear in the Notes app. Automatically, of course, they will be synchronized with iCloud, so they will appear on all our devices, as well as on for us to consult, edit and manage them from anywhere.


Remembering how to import and markup PDFs in the Notes app with iOS 17, it is clear that the migration process from Evernote to Notes is very straightforward, so we can move our content easily. With this, we will be able to continue with our annotations, more than 50, in the Notes app that is already installed on all our devices.

David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

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