Facebook removes Slingshot’s share-to-unlock requirement

Facebook removes Slingshot’s share-to-unlock requirement

When Facebook launched its Snapchat competitor, Slingshot, it introduced an interesting mechanic into the app: you must share a photo or video before viewing something sent to you. By requiring this share-to-unlock feature, Facebook hoped more people would be sharing and engaging inside Slingshot. Now less than three months later, Facebook has removed the requirement, allowing users to choose whether or not what they share requires something to be shared before it is unlocked.

Now with share-to-unlock being optional, Slingshot is more Snapchat-like than ever. However, Slingshot does have a reaction feature, which lets users quickly take a selfie of their reaction.

The app works well but is fighting an uphill battle trying to convert Snapchat users into Slingshot users. Snapchat users are usually people who have grown tired of Facebook or are afraid of Facebook’s murky privacy policies.

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