Facebook Memories puts the best of your Facebook in one place

Facebook has launched Memories, which is a single place on Facebook where all your best moments will go. Anything, including posts and photos with your friends and family, can now be found in memories.

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When launching Memories, Facebook cited research that clearly shows revisiting old memories can have a positive effect on users. Facebook has a long history of adding features for visiting old memories including On This Day, Lookback, and Say Thanks, but Memories is the first place where the social network will consolidate all of your positive memories from your time on the site. In a blog post, Facebook Product Manager, Oren Hod, laid out some examples of what Facebook Memories will include:

“Your Memories page can include several sections:

  • On This Day: The content that you know and love will still be available within this section, showing your past posts and major life events from this date.
  • Friends Made On This Day: This section will include a list of friends you made on this date in the past, including special videos or collages that celebrate your friendversaries.
  • Recaps of Memories: This section will feature seasonal or monthly recaps of memories that have been bundled into a message or short video.
  • Memories You May Have Missed: If you haven’t checked your memories lately, this section will show you the posts that you might have missed from the past week.”

The social network is sensitive to the fact that there are certain memories or people that we might not want to be reminded of. To prevent unwelcome memories popping up, it offers comprehensive controls over people and dates that you don’t want to see.

Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke, the world has seemingly been doing some soul searching on whether Facebook has made the world a better place. A new home for users’ memories could be one way for the social network to start trying to do some good by its users.

Memories will pop up in your News Feed and your notifications. You’ll also be able to find the Memories tab on the left side of the screen if you’re on desktop, or in the More tab on the bottom right of your screen if you’re on Mobile. Another quick way to get to Memories is by going to

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