Family favourites for those boring holidays

Tony Aldridge


Monopoly manLet’s face it, holidays with the family are boring, and sometimes rather violent. My particular highlights were a week of non-talking on a golfing holiday with my dad and telling Mickey Mouse to get lost after five days of watching him wave. It wasn’t actually get lost, but hey, I was 14. Still, so long as there’s work there’ll be holidays and as long as there are parents there will be children. As Michael Jackson almost sang. I think. Anyway in traditional Waltons-style here are some fun family games you can all play before kissing each other goodnight and saying I love you.

Monopoly – Lots of versions of this one, here’s a modern take on it with loads more money and popular US destinations. Those of you who prefer your Monopoly with top hats, little dogs and water works can find them in miniature on the Palm and Pocket PC, just the way they always were.

Scrabble – OK so it’s a game for old women, but tell that to Tom – the man’s addicted. Loquacious lexicographers have always enjoyed this word game; personally I prefer the mobile versions for quiet moments on the train.

Backgammon – Now I’ve never really understood backgammon; to me it’s always seemed like a small portable coffee table that you can’t use for coffee. Plus my friend Aaron clearly makes up the rules. He seems to think you have to move your counters around the board until they get home. Like many old favourites there are a few remakes available – here’s an Egyptian edition which you can play with your mummy.

And the rest – Well let’s draw this to an end with noughts and crosses (or tic-tac-toe) on the Palm and Pocket (this is 3D!), hangman (the biblical edition!) and how about some jigsaws?! They can be fun too, well these ones can. Wow, we got through that without mentioning Sudoku. Oh…

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