Firefox rolls out Total Cookie Protection to become the most secure browser

Firefox rolls out Total Cookie Protection to become the most secure browser
Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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Cookies are the scourge of the modern browsing ecosystem. Many browsers claim to offer next-level cookie protection, but Mozilla Firefox has just revolutionized that concept for all users worldwide. Mozilla is calling it Total Cookie Protection, and it’s a complete gamechanger for the browsing industry and a massive setback for underground personal information traffickers.

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Data collection is not a conspiracy or a new practice in terms of internet browsing. It is an ever-present reality that shapes the way you experience content. Every website you visit collects a small amount of your browsing data within that website. All of this information from all of the websites you visit ends up in a virtual cookie jar of sorts. From here, information collectors can rummage around for cookies in order to sell your preferences to other companies.

While this often means that you end up with a more personalized browsing experience, with adverts and content tailor-made for your sensibilities and specific consumer-related desires. However, not all of this information goes to places you’d approve of. From this cookie jar, anyone anywhere has access to a comprehensive and incredibly sophisticated profile of who you are. This can be dangerous. 

Enter Total Cookie Protection. Firefox describes this new innovation as separate cookie jars for separate websites. This means that instead of trackers from all websites having access to the massive and unrestricted cookie jar of you, website trackers only have access to information collected from that particular website. No more strange hands in your cookie jar. With this feature active, Facebook won’t be able to serve you promotional content for that nifty product you watched a review for on YouTube, and you won’t see adverts for the sketchy items you’ve ordered on anywhere other than on 

In a recent post on Mozilla’s blog, Dist://ed, the company summarized Total Cookie Protection with the following statement: ‘Total Cookie Protection is the culmination of years of work to fight the privacy catastrophe that stems from online trackers. Our long history of fighting online tracking manifests itself in our advocacy to policymakers and other tech companies to reinforce their own privacy protections. We also push to make privacy an industry priority through our efforts in industry standards bodies when shaping the future of online advertising.’

In one fell-swoop, Firefox may just have become the safest and most secure open-source browser on the face of the Earth. Be sure to read our detailed Mozilla Firefox expert review here on Softonic.

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Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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