FitRPG uses your Fitbit to turn your workout into a game

FitRPG uses your Fitbit to turn your workout into a game

Being active can be a chore but you can trick yourself by turning your workout into a game. That’s exactly what the FitRPG app does.

By taking the data tracked by your FitBit fitness tracker, FitRPG turns it into a game with quests, gold, and XP. Quests can be as simple as walking 5,000 steps or as strenuous as running a marathon. Win gold if you succeed and lose it if you fail.

By earning more gold, you can buy weapons, potions, armor, and other accessories. FitRPG uses this “gamification” mechanic to make you forget you’re working out. How effective this is depends on the type of person you are but I can see how FitRPG may be compelling to some.

To get started with FitRPG, you have to log into the app with your FitBit username and password. It’s a bit worrying but the app does need to access to your FitBit data to work. The good news is that your friends cannot see any of your actual workout data, only your username, level, and picture. And of course, there are leaderboards to compare how you’re doing against friends.

FitRPG is still a very new app but it has a lot of potential. The role playing elements are interesting but FitRPG needs to evolve to keep gameplay compelling.

You can check it out for yourself at the download links below.

Download FitRPG for Android

Download FitRPG for iOS

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