Five Apps to Try This Weekend: Featuring Apple Watch

Five Apps to Try This Weekend: Featuring Apple Watch

This week on Softonic’s Five Apps to Try This weekend, we are focusing our attention on the Apple Watch and our favorite apps for it. So strap it on, and enjoy this week’s video.

We kick off with Citymapper, the best map app we found with Apple Watch support. It allows you to access maps from your wrist, as well as letting you easily find your way to destinations you have pre-set (such as “home”).

Another familiar app that has been well adapted for the Apple Watch is Wunderlist. This companion app lets you access all of your lists without needing to take your phone out of your pocket. Great for ticking things off while your shopping.

Exercise apps are hugely popular, and very useful, on a watch. We found RunKeeper to be the best of these. Letting you start your run, check your time, kilometers traveled, interval speed, and pause your run without having to take your phone from your pocket.

If you want something playful, then Rules! is for you. This game has some unique mechanics designed to test your brain, asking you to solve logic puzzles that look simple, but demand you use all of your concentration and memory to avoid mistakes.

Our final recommendation is Day One, a notebook and journal app with Apple Watch integration that is both elegant and convenient. It gives you the power to add entries to your vocal diary simply by talking into the watch, which it then tags with location and date. You can even add an image, perfect.

Those were our favorite five applications for Apple Watch – but if you have others please let us know in the comments. See you next time.

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