Five Apps to Try This Weekend – March 27th 2015

Five Apps to Try This Weekend – March 27th 2015

It is Friday the 27th of March, and we are back with another Five Apps to Try This Weekend.

This week we have Makeup Genius (Android|iOS), the app from L’Oreal that lets you apply make-up digitally to try out their products. It’s a funny little thing, but underlying the process is some impressive facial recognition tech.

We have two options for photo buffs this week. First up we have Enlight, the incredibly versatile photo editing tool that allows you to edit and touch up your photos with dozens of options. We also have Layout from Instagram, the app that lets you easily create collages – although as this is only available on iOS, Android users my want to give Photo Grid a try… So, I guess we technically have 3 photo apps this week.

Finally we have two very different games for you. Cities: Skylines is a city management sim that invites you to build your very own metropolis, while Battlefield Hardline is a first person shooter that asks you blow a city up as you fight crime on the streets of Miami.

That’s it for this week, do let us know if you enjoyed our recommendations in the comments. We will be back next week with another five apps, and it you want to be sure you never miss an episode just subscribe.

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