Five great Android combat games

Are you hooked on war games like Call of Duty or Counter Strike? Want to get your fix of combat action while you’re out and about with your phone? There are several awesome combat games for Android that allow you to play while you’re ‘out in the field’.

Here’s a rundown of our five favorite Android war games:

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

The closest thing you’ll get to playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on a mobile device, Modern Combat 2 is a lavish first-person shooter that takes you to the heart of war in a variety of locations around the world.

Modern Combat 2

The graphics and sound effects are highly polished and the controls are customizable, meaning you can set up a system that’s comfortable for you. The single-mode mode packs enough missions to keep you going for a while, but if you’re still hungry for battle after that, there’s a comprehensive online mode where you can take part in combat with others around the globe.

AirAttack HD Part 1

If you prefer wars that are fought in the skies, then you should download AirAttack HD right now. It’s a 3D vertical scrolling flying game where you must gun down planes as well as take out military vehicles and bases on the ground.

Air Attack HD Part 1

The action in AirAttack HD is incessant, and with 24 types of enemy gunning for you, it’s a captivating challenge. Graphically, the game is excellent, with detailed aircraft and gorgeous scenery. The orchestral music soundtrack tops it all off and makes you feel like you’ve been transported into the Dambusters. One of the best games in the Android Market to date.

Army Sniper

If you like shooting and you hate terrorists then Army Sniper is the game for you. The concept is very simple – aim your sniper rifle at the bad guys as they pop up on screen, then pull the trigger. In reality, it’s tougher than it sounds because those darn terrorists are a relentless bunch, and keep coming out to shoot at you from various points on screen.

Army Sniper

The graphics aren’t groundbreaking but the backgrounds are well drawn, and the music and sound effects are good. You’ll find it very hard to put your rifle down once you start playing Army Sniper.

Tank Hero

We all know tanks are the coolest vehicles in the world and this game lets you get behind the wheel (or should that be stick?) of one. The aim of Tank Hero is to guide your armored vehicle across the battlefield, avoiding enemy fire and taking out as many enemy tanks as you can in the process.

Tank Hero

There are three different game modes to contend with in Tank Hero: Campaign, Survival and Time Trial. The inclusion of OpenFeint and Twitter integration means that you can battle it out with your buddies, too. All in all, it’s an excellent 3D tank sim.


This is another long-range shooting affair in the same vein as Army Sniper. The aim of Sniper is to take down as many terrorists as possible in a limited time. There’s a timer and a health indicator, and if you kill all the terrorists before time runs out, you’ll progress to the next level.


Sniper comes with basic help, and there’s an online community where you’ll be able to add your scores and view those of other players. As far as being a killer goes, snipers are really cool. You can have all the fun and none of the moral dilemma with Sniper.

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