Five of the best new games on Softonic

Our winner: Fantasy TennisWe do our best at insideTonic to cover as many niches as possible. Hairdressing software? You got it! Interior design applications? No problem. But sometimes it’s best to remember what everyone really loves about software: games. Here’s a pick of the best games recently added to our listings. So take a few minutes out, put your feet up and get ready for some great gaming fun!

  • In fifth place: Ship Simulator 2008. This realistic game puts you in control of some extremely detailed and tricky to control vessels. There’s no hiding the fact that this is a pretty difficult-to-master simulation but once you get the hang of things, it’s very enjoyable.
  • Next up: Beauty Factory. Step into the world of the cosmetics industry in this unusual but fun ‘Tycoon’ style game. With great graphics and immersive gameplay, Beauty factory puts you in charge of a cosmetics firm and gives you control over every aspect of the business. Fun, addictive and educational.
  • In third position: Fate By Numbers. Developed by four students as their graduation project, this striking game is set in a futuristic metropolis and features lots of 50’s-style ‘film noir’ imagery. The slightly slow gameplay is counterbalanced by impressive graphics and original design. A dark, mysterious adventure.
  • At number two: Real Race. While not looking particularly real, Real Race is by far and away the best free racing game available. It includes loads of cars and tracks to try out but unfortunately is lacking a multiplayer mode. The different weather and climate modes, as well as some interesting bonuses add a lot of variety to this undeniably fun, if not realistic, simulator.
  • In first place: Fantasy Tennis. This original take on the tennis game genre features stunning cartoon-style graphics and superb playability. Bringing an enjoyable arcade feel to things, Fantasy Tennis includes power-ups, altered tennis rules and stunning animation. Huge fun and great looking.
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