7 apps to optimize and speed up your Android

7 apps to optimize and speed up your Android

Is your Android slower than it used to be? Is your battery life too short? Here are the seven best apps to help your Android run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Each one is a way you can proactively help to maintain and improve the speed of your mobile, better managing memory usage and cleaning unnecessary files from your storage. Let’s check them out!

Softonic Turbo Booster, for freeing up RAM

One reason Android devices get slower is that system memory gets clogged up with processes from many of the apps we install. On way of speeding things up is to use an app like our own Softonic Turbo Booster.

Softonic Turbo Booster’s main function is freeing up system memory, killing apps that are running unnecessarily in the background. It stops completely apps that sometimes use system resources even if you’re not using them.

Another factor that can slow down your device is how many apps you have installed. Lots of us have apps installed even though we never use them any more. Some of these will use your system resources despite never being opened. Here Softonic Turbo Booster can also help, identifying the apps you never or rarely use, and letting you uninstall them quickly and easily.

Download Softonic Turbo Booster.

Clean Master, for cleaning rubbish from your phone

Some apps fill your device’s memory with useless files, and worse still, then don¡t necessarily remove them even if you delete the app. Clean Master is the best file cleaner around, and you might be surprised how much space you can free up by using it.

Clean Master is especially good at finding and deleting temporary and unnecessary files, but it also has an advanced search, where you can choose precisely which files you want to delete. For example, you may have videos that are taking up a lot of space, and you can use Clean Master to find them.

Download Clean Master.

ES File Explorer, for organizing your device

Many manufacturers of Android devices actually include a file explorer, but they are usually very simple and have few tools.

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer, however, even compares well to Windows Explorer. It shows you pretty much everything – shared folders, cloud folders, protected folders. With this app you can easily rename, copy, paste, delete, compress, and share your files and folders. ES File Explorer really gives your the same control you’re used to with Windows.

Download ES File Explorer.

Gallery Doctor, deletes your poor and repeated photos

Over time, your photo library in your phone just grows and grows without stopping. Even finding a particular photo can be a drag, but forget having to revise your library photo by photo – Gallery Doctor does it for you.

Gallery Doctor analyzes you all the photos in your phone, and classifies them as bad, duplicate or for revision. It doesn’t delete anything without your consent – just chooses the photos it thinks could be deleted, and presents them to you. The process is pretty fun, giving you a collection of photos to flick through, choosing those you want to delete or keep, as if you were flicking through profiles on dating app Tinder.

Download Gallery Doctor.

Battery Doctor, for helping extend your battery life

Like the previous doctor cared for your photos, Battery Doctor looks after your battery. The idea is to achieve a the longest usage possible from your battery. It does this smartly with methods such as reducing your screen brightness and deactivating GPS when possible.

There’s even a mode that kills all your phone’s functions except sending and receiving calls and SMS. This is ideal if you really need your battery to last as long as possible. From the makers of Clean Master, Battery Doctor is excellently designed and extremely easy to use.

Download Battery Doctor.

Avast Mobile Security, keeps you safe from viruses and threats

There’s not much point in a clean and optimized phone if you’re vulnerable to threats like viruses and malicious apps. On your Android, your worst enemy isn’t usually viruses, but apps which are not what they claim to be. Avast Mobile Security does an exhaustive analysis of all your installed apps, and finds anything that looks suspicious.

Avast Mobile Security also tells you if you have any ‘unsafe’ settings, such as allowing apps to be installed outside of the official Google Play store. The free version protects you on the web and from malicious SMS, but you need to buy a Premium subscription to get the full feature set.

Download Avast Mobile Security.

Nova Launcher, the fast way to open apps

Your launcher is one of the most important apps on your Android. It’s your home screen, where you start every time you open your device. Most manufacturers like to add their own launcher to your device, but some of these are slow or use too much memory. One way to immediately speed up your phone is to swap your default launcher for a third party replacement.

Nova Launcher is one of the best around. It’s fast, with a great range of personalization options and an free version with no limitations. After using it, your original launcher could feel positively prehistoric.

Download Nova Launcher.

Use just what you need

Check out the apps above, and see what suits you and your Android device. Install them all or just a couple. Test, compare and tell us below what works for you, or if you found other ways to make your Android faster.

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