Flickr tools for your Mac

FlickrWill anybody who hasn’t used Flickr before raise their hand? If you haven’t tried yet sharing your snaps on the photo publishing website I really think you should give it a try. Not only does it keep the original quality of images but it also lets you share them with friends, have them published online or viewed as slideshows. You can add tags to each photo so they’re easy to browse by anyone and join groups with similar photos. Your snaps can even be printed into all sorts of photo books, stamps or albums. There’s much much more you can do with your photos so I really suggest you take a look at Flickr .

Luckily, you’ll also find plenty of Mac desktop applications for Flickr. My personal favorite is the Flickr Uploadr, which takes your snaps from iPhoto to your Flickr account, but you should also try out FlickrShop and FlickrExport. Also take a look at Magrathea, which geotags all your friend’s photos on a map. After you’ve tried all the Flickr apps on Softonic you can browse this list of 80+ useful Flickr tools. Lots of excellent programs, extensions and webapps in there to make your Flickr experience even better.

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