For $499, Tinder offers matches with top-tier profiles

For $499, Tinder offers matches with top-tier profiles
Kerem Gülen

Kerem Gülen

Tinder’s just unveiled their elite membership tier, cheekily named “Tinder Select.” And yep, it comes with a posh price tag of $499 a month. But what’s the buzz about? Well, this isn’t just about swiping right. It’s about swiping right in style.

With “Tinder Select,” you’re not just another face in the crowd. You get to rub virtual shoulders with Tinder‘s crème de la crème profiles. Slide into DMs without the usual match routine? Check. Plus, other swanky VIP perks that’ll make your friends green with envy.


Bloomberg was the first to report the news, and it’s all part of Match Group’s grand plan to woo the Gen Z crowd this season. But here’s the real catch: it’s not just the features that make “Tinder Select” the talk of the town. It’s the allure of being in that exclusive 1% club. And for those who love a little extra sparkle, there’s a shiny “Select” badge to flaunt on your profile.

Inspired by “The League”

Remember Match’s acquisition of the ritzy dating app, The League, back in July 2022? You know, the one that had some folks shelling out a whopping $1,000 weekly? Well, that move got Tinder’s gears turning. During a Q2 2023 chinwag, Tinder’s CPO, Mark Van Ryswyk, hinted that The League’s success showed there’s a crowd hungry for top-tier dating experiences, even if it means loosening the purse strings.

Enter “Tinder Select.” But before you imagine a personal cupid or matchmaker, pump the brakes. This isn’t about human touch; it’s about algorithmic allure. And while the $500 monthly tag might raise eyebrows, it’s not just about the features—it’s the status.

Diving into the perks: “Select” members can slide into DMs without the match dance, but there’s a catch. You can only pull this move twice a week, and no, you can’t sprinkle in a Super Like. Some folks can even dodge these DMs if they choose, as per Tinder’s fine print. But here’s a fun twist: “Select” profiles get the spotlight in the app’s “Like You” grid for a whole week, no need for those Gold or Platinum upgrades.

The real cherry on top? Being showcased to Tinder’s A-listers, the profiles everyone’s swiping right on. While Tinder’s playing coy about the tech magic behind these “exceptional connections,” we’re betting it’s a mix of other “Select” members and the app’s most-loved profiles.

Early access perks

For those who like to be ahead of the curve, “Tinder Select” members get the golden ticket to try out Tinder’s shiny new features before the rest of the crowd. And if ads cramp your style, worry not! You can blissfully swipe without those pesky interruptions. Plus, for the forgetful romantics, you can revisit the Likes you’ve sent over the past week. Handy, right?

Thinking of going all out? You can layer your “Select” membership with Plus, Gold, or Platinum for an even richer experience, as Tinder cheekily points out.

Now, if you’re eyeing that “Select” badge, there’s a checklist to tick off. A quartet of photos, a handful of interests, a snappy bio, clear relationship goals, and a verified photo are your tickets in. Oh, and a wallet that’s, well, pretty generous when it comes to dating app splurges. Lucky applicants will get a digital drumroll in the form of an in-app message and an email with a special key to the “Select” kingdom.

While “Tinder Select” might not be everyone’s cup of tea, its luxe price tag could be a silver lining for Tinder. Especially since the company’s been feeling the pinch with a dip in paying users, as they shared in their August report.

Kerem Gülen

Kerem Gülen

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