What’s in store for Fortnite Season 7

As Fortnite’s spooky Season 6 comes to a close, speculation is rampant as to what Season 7 might have in store. So far, details have remained pretty tightly under wraps with regards to what Season 7 might bring in terms of new weapons, changes to the map, and new skins. That said, here’s everything we’ve managed to dig up about Fortnite Season 7.

What’s in store for Fortnite Season 7

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Season 7 is coming hot on the heels of some big events in the Fortnite world. Season 6 focused largely on the arrival of a mysterious purple cube, known only as “Kevin.” Kevin traveled around the map, emblazoning certain areas with purple glyphs, before finally submerging into the depths of Loot Lake. The cube then rose from the Lake, taking an entire island with it, before floating above the map and opening portals using these mysterious glyphs.

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The cube’s enigmatic behaviors finally culminated in the Fortnitemares Halloween event, which saw hordes of zombie-like cube monsters pour forth from these portals and into the Battle Royale map. The event finally ended with the cube exploding in a spectacular flash of light, sucking players into an alternate dimension filled with spectral butterflies. After this brief and cryptic bit of reality-bending, players were teleported back to the map to find that Kevin was gone, and Loot Lake had been replaced with a peaceful, Stonehenge-like monument. This is where the world of Fortnite stands on the verge of Season 7.

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It remains unclear whether the cube shards will be affecting the map going forward. If Fortnite holds true to form, though, they’ll likely have some kind of game mechanic associated with them. Fortnite has made a habit of carrying over the mechanics of previous seasons into new seasons, such as the Hop Rocks from Season 4 and Rifts from Season 5. If this tradition holds true, it seems safe to assume that the cube shards left on the map will allow players to take on the Shadow Stone’s ghost form. This was a central mechanic from last season that allowed players to phase shift into a spectral ghost, teleporting through walls and moving faster around the map.

What else can we expect for Season 7? Well, it looks like a storm is coming… literally. Hop into the Fortnite map and you’ll see a massive wall of storm clouds heading directly for the map. It seems we’re in for bad weather, and those close seem to indicate one monster of a blizzard. This and other major clues point to Season 7 being winter themed. The release of the arctic-themed Deep Freeze skin bundle seems to indicate this, as does the fact that Fortnite’s last few seasons have had seasonal themes. This would mean the return of winter-themed skins from previous seasons, as well as the addition of new ones.

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One last major discovery: intrepid Redditors have discovered something massive concealed in the blizzard clouds. Check out this Reddit post to see it:

The iceberg wont be accesible this season cause you cant collide with it. HUGE thanks to u/aprotis for the method on getting here! from r/FortNiteBR

That’s right: there’s also a colossal iceberg on a collision course with the map, and that includes a tower or fortress of some kind perched atop it. This, as well as the storm itself, means at least part of the map will be blanketed in snow.

So, when will all this winter-themed wonderment kick off? Officially, Season 6 is set to end December 5, but Epic has been flexible with release dates before. Season 5, for example, was extended by several days to allow players one last chance to collect Battle Pass rewards. So, though we don’t know exactly when, it’s safe to say players will be able to snag their Season 7 passes and start their snowy frolicking by the beginning of December.

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