Fortnite X Dragon Ball: New crossover to drop soon

Fortnite X Dragon Ball: New crossover to drop soon
Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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Fortnite has officially announced that it will host a Dragon Ball crossover on August 16th. This isn’t even a leak or some bootleg information from a mysterious inside source. The announcement comes directly from Fortnite’s official Twitter account. 


On the 11th of August, Fortnite posted an image to Twitter with the caption ‘Speak. Name your wish…8.16.2022.’ The image sheds further light on what exactly Fortnite is referencing in the post as we can see Shenron, the Eternal Dragon, as clear as day – even though the photo is set in a night environment. The caption of the post, too, confirms that this is indeed the Eternal Dragon as it is the exact phrase that Shenron bellows once you’ve gathered all seven Dragon Balls and can thus make your one wish. 

The official post isn’t the only proof that Dragon Ball is headed to Fortnite, though. More evidence comes from the prolific leaker Hypex. According to Hypex, the most recent update of the game left behind a clue in the form of content meant to serve as infrastructure for the new crossover.

In addition to adding Indiana Jones, the new update also dropped a prop into the creative mode that very clearly resembles a Capsule Corp capsule. More than some minor family resemblance, however, the prop is an exact copy. The prop even featured the same bold outlines as other iconic anime cosmetics, including the Orochimaru and Sasuke skins from Naruto. 

Hypex also pointed out that there would be no better time to host a Dragon Ball crossover considering the arrival of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero on August 19th. This will be the 21st Dragon Ball feature film and centers around Gohan and Piccolo dismantling a revived Red Ribbon Army. The Army is, in turn, trying to garner support from the general public to create two superhero android creatures.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero fortnite

Spoiler Alert: The Red Ribbon Army is actually trying to make an improved version of the infamous Cell being. Remember him? The being so powerful that he almost caused the end of the world? 

We’re excited to see how far Fortnite will take the Dragon Ball crossover, and we hope it results in some fan-favorite skins and cosmetics being ported to the battle royale title. In other Fortnite news, the EU has taken steps to curb big tech companies, thanks to Fortnite.

Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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