GDC 2013: Warface is the future for Crytek [video]

GDC 2013: Warface is the future for Crytek [video]

softonic GDC iconHaving finally gotten into the closed beta of Warface after being on the wait list for about a year, I found the game to be a solid experience. Crytek knows first-person shooters like Warface aren’t a far step from what the the company is known for.

Using CryEngine 3, the game scales well on different hardware, but the experience is made for high-end machines that can produce quality visuals. Crytek’s display at GDC 2013 showed off more of the co-op mode in Warface. Co-op sets you up in teams, requiring you to complete objectives as you move through a level. Players need to work together to succeed, as lone wolf players will quickly get overrun from enemy AI.

When I talked with Senior Producer, Wim Coveliers, about Warface and GFACE, he quickly assured me that Crytek considers Warface a top priority for the company. Crytek is actively working on improving during the closed beta as they test and balance the game. I was given a chance to talk with Coveliers about the game, the update cycle, performance optimizations, and a possible release date.

Wim was very open about discussing the game and how Crytek is working on improving the game to prepare Warface for an official launch.

Watch the interview below.

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