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Dear Softonic users,

Nowadays, more and more people are using their computers to watch video. Sites like YouTube have become incredibly popular in the last couple of years, but people are also much more likely to watch full-length TV shows and movies than they were just a year ago. So with all this high-resolution content being watched on PCs around the world, we thought we’d give you our best tips when it comes to working with video on your computer.

Kicking things off, Cyril wrote an interesting post this week detailing the best DVD playing programs for Windows. If you thought that DVD playback should consist of sticking the disk in your PC and letting Windows Media Player handle everything, you should definitely have a look at this post – you may be missing out.

One of my favourite formats for video has got to be DivX. This revolutionary codec has completely change the way we watch TV on the net, offering very high quality image and sound but with small file-sizes. Nick’s got the low-down on the five best programs to use in conjunction with DivX… personally, I recommend the VLC Player (our pick of the week), which is arguably the best media player available.

James and Nick are both into gadgets, and they’ve both come up with interesting ways to take your video content with you wherever you go. James has prepared a guide to converting video files for your mobile phone, while Nick covered portable video on your iPod. Now you can watch Heroes everywhere you go!

Finally, if you still haven’t tried watching TV on your computer, it’s really simple and, free and legal. Well, it’s legal if you use authorised TV programs. Our favourites are Zattoo (for local TV in your country of residence) and Joost (for on-demand video including comedy, animation, news and more). Give them a go and let us know which is your favourite!

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Tom Clarke

Tom Clarke

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