Get your head around face modelling

3D faceCaptivemotion has just released a breathtaking demo of its new modelling tool that makes computer-generated faces frighteningly realistic. The 3D design application uses motion-capture technology to animate facial expressions and mouth movement in a way we’ve never seen before.

If you’re keen to explore the interesting realm of 3D face modelling there are a number of different solutions you can consider. At the top end of the spectrum, heavyweight programs such as Maya and 3DS Max work by allowing you to lay polygons over a wire mesh in order to create realistic facial contours and mimic real-life features, meaning you can be very precise in your creations.

If your budget can’t stretch that far then you could download FaceGenModeller, which lets you create 3D human faces and export them to various 3D file formats. There are also a number of freeware apps such as OpenFX, Art of Illusion and Anim8or, which are all great for getting started in 3D modelling. Once you’ve mastered the basics you might even want to try creating a 3D model of your own face from an ordinary video.

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