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Lewis Leong

Lewis Leong

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jasmine iconIf you’ve recently upgraded to iOS 6 on your iPad or iPhone, you probably noticed that something went missing. While Apple replaced Google Maps with its own maps app, it removed YouTube entirely without offering an alternative application.

If you’re on an iPhone, Google recently released a dedicated iPhone YouTube application. It is excellent and offers a great YouTube viewing experience on the iPhone. Unfortunately Google hasn’t released an iPad specific application yet.

Luckily there’s an app for the iPad called Jasmine that will bring a dedicated YouTube experience to the iPad.jasmine main

Jasmine is a simple app that gives you all of the features you would want in a YouTube app. You can browse videos, view your subscriptions/playlists, and view/make comments. If you don’t know what you want to watch, you can browse videos and see what’s trending.

jasmine comments
While all of the functionality of YouTube remains, you’ll have to get used to the sparse looking interface. There is a lot of text and all of the colors look monochromatic. This isn’t a major problem but it would be nice to see some different colored icons to make menu easier to differentiate. One nice touch that Jasmine includes is a night mode, which colors the interface black for easier viewing in the dark.

jasmine nightmode

It’s only a matter of time before Google releases its official YouTube application for iPad but until then, Jasmine is a great alternative to access your YouTube content. It’s easy to use and is optimized for both for iPhone and iPad.

Lewis Leong

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