Experience the Epic Tale Once More with God of War Ragnarok New Game+

Santa Monica has come up with this mode available today for free.

Experience the Epic Tale Once More with God of War Ragnarok New Game+
Nacho Requena Molina

Nacho Requena Molina

Approximately half a year later, God of War Ragnarok continues to leave us little gifts for users. This time, Sony Santa Monica has announced a new downloadable content or totally free update that incorporates, among many other new features, the expected New Game +. The best part? You can download it now from your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.

God of War: Ragnarok DOWNLOAD

The regulars to the “plus” mode already know that it allows you to enjoy the game again, but with new features. For Kratos, this includes new equipment, a new level cap, new enchantments and much more. Of course, equipment, weapons (including Draupnir’s spear) and skills will be retained, so everything remains intact.

Of course, at the beginning of the game we will not have access to the sonic arrows and seal. All areas that require the use of these arrows or Draupnir’s spear will not be unlocked until you reach the point in the story where they become available (the law is made, the trap is made, of course).

New equipment

With the arrival of this update or downloadable content (as you like the name better), God of War Ragnarok receives four new armors for Kratos. They are the following:

  • The Black Bear armor: do you remember the cape that Kratos wears in the opening scene of the game? Well, now we can equip it. Its stats focus on strength and defense. In addition, it includes a bonus that launches a salvo of Bifrost crystals when dodging at the last second. You start with her in + mode.
  • Spartan armor: its name says it all. The armor of Kratos, that is, bare-chested. It has no stats and is locked at level 1. For the brave. You can buy it at the Huldra brothers.
  • Armor of Ares: after appearing in 2018, it returns for the occasion with increased luck to find a health stone, at the same time stepping on it boosts anger. It is purchased at Huldra Brothers.
  • Armor of Zeus: also from 2018, it greatly increases the damage done in runic melee… and the damage received. With almost one hit you can be killed, so be careful with it. It is obtained by defeating Gna and completing the remains of Asgard in New Game +.

Along with this, a total of 13 of Kratos’ armors now also have new color schemes and designs. The new skins can be purchased from the Huldra brothers and can be applied to any armor that is level 9. The berseker armor can only be obtained by defeating the king in + mode.

More details

In addition to what has already been mentioned, there are more new features in this update. For starters, we will have a Spartan Aspis shield, which can be purchased from the Huldra brothers. It has less margin to repel attacks, but causes more damage.

On the other hand, the New Item + increases the maximum level. Level 9 pieces can now be converted to “Plus”. With each converted piece of equipment we will receive a gold coin to purchase new enchantments. And yes, now we jump to them.

For example, engraving and badge enchantments extract a number of powerful and versatile bonuses from armor (engravings) and shield rönds (badges) so that we can equip them on our amulet as enchantments. The more powerful gold coin enchantments will require stat limits to be met to boost and reward the creations. In addition, defeating berserker souls in New Game + will also give us new enchantments, as well as charges, which are a new set of enchantments that will allow us to equip negative bonuses to customize challenges.

And finally, a series of quick news explained:

  • Black and white rendering mode (so the whole game looks like this).
  • New difficulty for La Odiosa and Ormstunga.
  • Modes “I want a brutal experience” and “I want God of War” have more difficulty in New Game +, as all bosses and mini-bosses have rune armor. In addition, enemies become elites, while elites increase their power level.
  • Final bosses: small changes in New Game + to vary their behavior.
  • Niflheim’s Palestra expanded with new options to play.
  • New skill + modification to improve the effects of modifiers.
  • New platinum level tasks and rewards.
  • Additional stats increase: Chests of the nornas now give Yggdrasil’s dew.
God of War: Ragnarok DOWNLOAD

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