Google announces presentations app

google-icon-1.pngAs has been widely expected, Google today formally announced the newest addition to the Docs & Spreadsheets family: presentations. In a blog post at the official Google blog, Sam Schillace said that while the web giant has been trying to keep the news under its hat, the excitement of sharing the news of its new baby was just unbearable.

It just made sense to add presentations to the mix; after all, when you create slides, you’re almost always going to share them. Now students, writers, teachers, organizers, and, well, just about everyone who uses a computer can look forward to having real-time, web-based collaboration across even more common business document formats.

Details are very sketchy still, but Google CEO, Eric Schmidt apparently insisted that the new app isn’t going to compete directly with Microsoft PowerPoint. He added that it won’t include all the functionality of Microsoft’s suite.

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