Say Hello to Google’s Latest Language Model: Bard, Now Available for Everyone

If you want to use Google Bard, you will have to join a waiting list

Say Hello to Google’s Latest Language Model: Bard, Now Available for Everyone
María López

María López

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After Google‘s announcement, we can finally “touch” it with our hands: Google Bard, ChatGPT‘s competitor, is finally available. However, it is currently only accessible to a small number of users.


The company has been working tirelessly to stand up to ChatGPT, OpenAI‘s successful model. Months ago, ChatGPT triggered an internal “code red” at Google that sent employees scrambling for what was coming. But as they say, haste is never a good thing.

The initial announcement of Bard did not go as Google expected: the event was not up to par and the AI failed more than a shotgun. As we can read in Business Insider, employees went to complain on Memegen‘s forums and made their dissatisfaction public (CNBC showed some of the messages and referred to the announcement as “rushed” and “botched”). As a result, the company’s stock plummeted 11% in the days that followed.

Even so, Google did not give up and here we are. Instead of making a big announcement, the company has opted for a more cautious strategy: only selected users have received demos for testing and the rest of us will have to wait a little longer. For the time being, Google has provided a link for us to join the waiting list.

How do I access Google Bard?

Accessing this list is very easy: just click on this link, which will take you to the Bard home page. Once inside, you will see a button where you can read “Join waitlist”. When you click it, a check will be performed to see if your account is eligible to join. If it is, you will be asked if you want to receive Google Bard updates. And you’re done: now all you have to do is wait.

Unfortunately, Google Bard is not available in our country at the moment (it doesn’t even let us join the waiting list). But don’t worry: it is likely that we will soon be able to access Bard without any problems. Will it finally live up to ChatGPT?

María López

María López

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