Google Chrome Beta for Android and Chrome 24 released

Christopher Park

Christopher Park

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Google released two Chrome-related product updates today. The first release was Google Chrome Beta for Android 4.0 and above. Designed for both tablets and phones, the beta channel currently features updates that already exist on the desktop versions of Chrome like Octane performance improvements and HTML5 features like CSS Filters for developers.

The Chrome Beta is a little unstable and does feature bugs so it’s not the best browser to use for everyday web browsing. Since Chrome Beta is designed for both phones and tablets, trying it on different hardware should provide the same experience, but it’s possible that some bugs effect platforms differently.

The second update was to the desktop version of Chrome, which updated to version 24. The included improvements include faster boot and automatic updates. These updates don’t really change the normal experience that you have with Chrome and shows that Google is still working on improving the browser’s usability.

The Chrome Beta for Android is a great sign that Google is working on unifying Chrome across all platforms, rather than testing on the desktop version before pushing updates to the mobile browser.

You can download Chrome Beta here and try it out yourself.

Chrome for Windows and Mac should update automatically when you launch the browser.

Christopher Park

Christopher Park

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