Google Docs receives makeover

Google Docs receives makeover

Google DocsGoogle Docs and Spreadsheets has received a big makeover today with an entirely new interface. The new look features a new Docs list which looks a lot better compared to the old plain look. It also seems a lot quicker and responsive than the old version. One of the best features is that you can drag and drop things into the new folders which replace the old tag system. Email migration makes it easy to import email from IMAP email servers, and the shared address book makes it simple to email and share documents. Finally, the search box now predicts searches for you in much the same way as the Google Toolbar works.

However, reaction has been mixed. Wired is disappointed by the look saying:

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to re-order the folder list hierarchy other than with creative naming conventions. But the real problem with the new folders is their inconsistent behavior. Files can be be placed in multiple folders, but rather confusingly this only works from the main list.

There’s other big Google Apps news though. The Intranet Journal reports on the the release of Google Apps Premier Edition with advanced features for companies and organisations. The Journal states:

Pricing is a flat $50 per user per year, which is a big savings over a full office suite, although there’s no bulk discount. Google offers a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee for Gmail for paid users, but no guarantee for the other apps in the collection.

However, even this Premier version still requires an internet connection to access the documents which leads to the question – when will Google Gears work with Google Apps so that we can use the documents and spreadsheets offline. For a complete look at the new Google Apps, click here.

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