Google+ now supports SoundCloud embedding

Google+ now supports SoundCloud embedding

SoundCloud rolled out Google+ Sign-In back in May, which allowed users to easily create an account using their Google+ credentials, and now the company has rolled out embedding within Google+. This means a SoundCloud widget will automatically generate any time you paste a SoundCloud link into Google+. This embed make it easy to play SoundCloud songs from within Google+.

Artists who have a SoundCloud page will have to enable the widget when posting a sound so that this feature works in Google+. This is a great way for artists to spread their music since it’s much less jarring to play music within Google+ than it is to open a new tab.

Clicking on the widget will automatically start playing the song. There are controls to play, pause, and a spectrum that lets you click where you want to listen. The widget doesn’t support comments so you’ll still have to navigate to the SoundCloud site to view attached comments.

Source: SoundCloud

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