Google plans to AMPlify Gmail

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Google introduced AMP back in 2015 as a way to enable web pages to load quicker on mobile devices. AMP, which stands for Accelerate Mobile Pages, offers publishers guidelines that they have to follow so that users can access their content easier and more quickly, which in turn provides the possibility of improved and more dynamic content. The rollout has been a resounding success, and now Google wants to bring AMP to Gmail.


The idea for Google is to have more people taking care of business within Gmail itself, rather than switching over to other apps or web pages. AMP will give developers the power to build widgets specifically for the emails they’re sending out, and Google has already announced that it’s working with Pinterest and on preview versions.

Gmail product manager Aakash Sahney had this to say in a recent blog post:

“This new spec will be a powerful way for developers to create more engaging, interactive, and actionable email experiences… AMP for Email, you’ll be able to quickly take actions like submit an RSVP to an event, schedule an appointment, or fill out a questionnaire right from the email message… AMP for Email will also make it possible for information to easily kept up-to-date, so emails never get stale and the content is accurate when a user looks at it.”

Dynamic emails that keep themselves up to date and offer quick, actionable ways to take care of the issues raised in them could change the way we use email considerably. Google has already made the AMP for Email spec available on GitHub, and they’re planning support for it in Gmail later this year.


We’re looking forward to seeing what developers will do with this exciting new development for email. Are you?

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Via: Google and Cnet

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