Google Reader finally gets folder and tag renaming

Google Reader finally gets folder and tag renaming

If you’re anything like the Softonic team, you’ll have a Google Reader account packed with important, interesting and at times esoteric RSS feeds that you like to stay up to date on. And given that you’ve got so many feeds, you like to be able to organize them with folders and tags. And given that up until now, folders and tags have been uneditable, you’ve been forced to resort to very useful guides like this in order to ‘rename’ folders.

Well, those days are over. At long, long last, Google has added a rename feature for folders and – yes – for tags. At last.


The feature is easy to use: simply select a folder, click the Folder settings menu and select Rename folder. A small dialog box will pop up where you can enter a new folder name. Alternatively, just access this settings page to see all your folders and tags.

And in case you’re wondering, renaming a folder or tag with a name that already exists will merge the two tags/folders in question. Which is also really cool.

Thanks, Google! But don’t take so long next time.

[Via: Google Reader blog]

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