Google to remove Quickoffice for Android and iOS

Lewis Leong

Lewis Leong

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Google’s popular offline productivity suite will be removed from Google Play and the App Store in the coming weeks. With new apps for Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets, there is no longer a need for Quickoffice.

Quickoffice was Google’s app for editing Microsoft Office files without conversion. Google announced native Office document support during its Google I/O conference last week, making Quickoffice obsolete.

Google to remove Quickoffice for Android and iOS

Slides just debuted for Android, but there’s currently no app for iOS yet. I expect Google to release Slides for iOS before discontinuing Quickoffice in the coming weeks.

Quickoffice users can continue using the app but won’t be able to download it again once its removed from the app stores. Development will stop as well so don’t expect updates or support for Quickoffice in the future.

You can download the replacement apps for Quickoffice below.

Download Google Docs: Android | iOS

Download Google Sheets: Android | iOS

Download Google Slides: Android

Source: Google Apps

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