Happy birthday, stickies!

Happy birthday, stickies!

With all of the volcanoes and flight chaos recently, another important piece of news may have passed you by. Virtual sticky note programs have a bunch of functions the originals don’t, including password protection, alarms, note recovery functions and more. Here are some of the best – happy sticking!


hott notes is a particularly slick app, and with a fully customizable appearance, it’s definitely the best option for people who value style as well as function.

Shock Stickers gives you more features than you ever thought possible. Whether you want to lock, hide, email or even clone your notes, this app will let you do this and lots more.

PNotes is great for people who want lots of organizational power over their notes – and if you’ve got a lot, you’ll know that it’s easy to let them run riot on your desk.

Stickies are great for the minimalists among you – they are simple, plain and very, very light on resources.

StickyNote, on the other hand, is definitely the go-to app for people who like a little more bling. With style, functionality AND options, they’re the Rolls Royce of note apps – but they also have the price tag to prove it!

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