Holiday like a boy scout

Holiday like a boy scout

Tourists in LondonGetting lost in a new city used to be integral to the holidaying experience, but not any more because, tourists, the world has moved on. In fact if you get lost in a new city these days it’s probably because you’ve been drinking too much of the local liquor. No, nowadays there’s no excuse for spending hours looking at churches or bumping into museums. There are enough handy maps, timetables and city guides to fill a large suitcase.

Whether it’s the popular destinations like New York, London, Madrid or Barcelona you’ll find Metro or Underground maps for your mobile (these are on the Palm but you can get them on your Pocket too). Most cities also have complete mobile guides like these for Amsterdam, Rome, Barcelona, Sydney and New York.

If you’re worried about what to pack before you go or unsure whether to wear the shorts, the speedos or the sarong, then you might want to get some special help in the shape of a weather forecaster. There are plenty to choose from. For those of you who need help remembering your passport, getting on the plane and changing your money then SplashTravel is the ultimate companion.

And finally if you’ve not got anything planned this summer why not join James on his very own world tour. He’s not actually left his computer in six weeks but he seems to be happy.

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