How do I take a Screenshot on the iPhone X if it doesn’t have a Home Button?

How do I take a Screenshot on the iPhone X if it doesn’t have a Home Button?

I was quite excited yesterday when Apple unveiled their most revolutionary new product since the first iPhone over 10 years ago. After a while though I started to think about that gorgeous new full screen design without, the home screen button that has been ever present since Steve Jobs first showed the world what pockets were capable of carrying around.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. SCREENSHOTS I thought, how the hell am I going to take screenshots without a home button?

Screenshots are great. Whether you’re reporting a bug in an app, zooming in on a friends face and capturing it to share in a group message or just trying to capture an image from one of your favorite videos, being able to take screenshots is an essential part of the modern smartphone experience. It is a good job then that isn’t that complicated to do on the new iPhone X. It is different, however, so let me walk you through it.

How to take a screenshot on the iPhone X

  1. Have everything on the screen that you want to capture.
  2. Hold the side button on the right hand side of the iPhone X.
  3. Click the volume up button at the same time.
  4. Marvel in the moment you’ve just captured. You’ll know it has worked because you’ll get the same white flash and shutter sound if you’ve done it properly.

The only real change then is the volume up key replacing the home button. Physical buttons are still necessary but this new direction that the iPhone X is taking us in probably means their days are numbered. It shouldn’t be too long before you simply have to say “Take a screenshot” and then after that simply think it.

Edit: Since publishing, I can now confirm that thinking “Take a screenshot” does not work.

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