How many pre-installed apps did the original iPhone have? Find out what they were

Until 2008, we had to make do with what came with the iPhone out of the box

How many pre-installed apps did the original iPhone have? Find out what they were
María López

María López

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The original iPhone model was launched in 2007, surrounded by a certain skepticism that seems not to have affected its great sales. Probably no one expected that this phone would end up transforming the world of communication as we knew it.


At the time, the operating system that came with the first iPhone was not yet called iOS, but iPhone OS, and only this iPhone and the first iPod Touch had it. Everything it could do seemed very advanced at the time: multi-touch screen, access to maps, weather, the stock market, etc. Critics at the time praised the iPhone‘s fluidity, something that later became its hallmark. But what was inside the first iPhone?

What applications were included in the first iPhone in history?

As soon as you turned on your iPhone, the first thing you saw was the main screen. On its characteristic black background, you could see different applications: Messages, Calendar, Photos, Camera, YouTube, Stock, Maps, Weather, Clock, Calculator, Notes and Settings. On the bottom line, there was the Phone, Mail, Safari and iPod.

Back then, this was all an iPhone came with. You couldn’t even reposition apps and they always stayed in the same place, no matter what you did (we’re not including jailbreak here). You couldn’t take screenshots either, it had no notification center and you couldn’t even copy and paste bits of text.

If we take a closer look at the apps, we see how for example the Camera lacked options; you couldn’t even record videos, only take pictures. And even back then, the iPhone had a lot of shortcomings: you couldn’t send an SMS to multiple people and you couldn’t use Bluetooth headsets. There was no trace of the App Store, you had to wait until the next update in 2008 (iPhone OS 2.0.) to enjoy it.

María López

María López

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