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How to: add a sketch effect to photos

Elena Santos

Elena Santos

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If you’ve ever wanted to add a nice sketch effect to a picture but felt too intimidated by Photoshop and other similar programs, you’ve come to the right place. With FotoSketcher you can add awesome sketch effects to your pictures in just a few seconds – and without the fuss of massive image editors. Simply follow these steps and convert your digital photos into works of art!

1. Launch FotoSketcher and open the image you want to work with from the File menu or the top toolbar.

2. Once the image is opened, FotoSketcher will display a dialog window where you can choose the drawing style effect you want to apply and tweak its parameters. There are a bunch to choose from, and depending on the one you pick you’ll get different parameters: light, contrast, color, stroke size, edge intensity and so on. You can use the small preview window to check the effect before applying it.

3. Click the Draw! button and watch magic happening before your eyes. FotoSketcher will apply the selected effect to your picture, while keeping the original one on the left side – which works great for comparison. The zoom buttons on the top right corner will help you take a closer look.


That’s it! Now you can save the image to JPG, PNG and BMP, or print it out on paper. Being an artist has never been so easy!

Elena Santos

Elena Santos

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