How to chat via Bluetooth

Bluetooth: the future of communication?As crazy as it sounds in this day and age, I’m running out of ways to communicate with people. I’ve outgrown instant messaging, got fed up with racking up bumper phone bills, and email is just far too passé for me. So, I’ve taken to harnessing the power of Bluetooth to chat with people now – it’s instant, it’s free, it’s discreet and I love it. Besides being a handy way of silently conversing with pals at work or in the cinema, Bluetooth messaging is also great for making new friends in a library or chatting up someone in a crowded nightclub, because you can hook up with anyone who has a Bluetooth-enabled phone.

It’s dead easy to do too. All you need is to switch your Bluetooth on, and install a chat program such as BuZZone, SYMPTChat, or Bluetooth Chat. I prefer BuZZone as I find it the most simple and fun to use of the three. To get started, you just define a username then scan the radio coverage of your Bluetooth transmitter for other users. Once you’ve hooked up with someone you can send and receive text messages as well as voice, insert emoticons, and exchange files.

At present these apps are a far cry from the all-singing, all-dancing desktop IM applications of today. However, Bluetooth chat is still a very practical way to talk and you can always inject a little more fun into your interactions by playing one of the many free wireless games such as Bluetooth Darts, 4Connect or ace soccer sim, The Match.

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