How to create Google Chrome themes

How to create Google Chrome themes

My Chrome Theme IconWhile Google Chrome’s appearance is simple, there is always room for improvement. Google first allowed Chrome Themes through galleries, though they lacked customization. Thankfully, there is a first party Chrome app to solve such a problem.  My Chrome Theme will allow you to create a customized browser theme and share with friends. All you’ll need is your favorite image and My Chrome Theme will guide you along.

We’ll show you how to use My Chrome Theme, create a personalized theme and share it with friends.
chrome launch button
First you’ll need to install the Chrome extension. After installing My Chrome Theme, you will be able to launch the app from the installation page.

My Chrome Theme on the app page

My Chrome Theme can also be accessed by opening a new tab and selecting apps.

Select imageYou will need to upload an image or capture one with your webcam.

Chrome menu barThere will be a menu allowing you to change the image position or add effects.

Adjust position Adjust Position allows you to set the image to fit the whole screen, fill part of the screen, tile, or have a custom placement.

chrome effects

You can add in filters with Image Effects like a sepia tone, inverted colors, and posterization. You can only select one effect and apply multiple effects at once.

chrome preview modeBe sure to toggle Preview Mode to see how your background looks along with your Chrome apps.

random color optionNow you can select colors for your frame, toolbar, and background. You also hit the I’m Feeling Lucky button to have My Chrome Theme randomly generate an appearance.

choosing colorsThere is a large selection of colors. You can switch between color pages by hitting the arrow buttons.

locked colorYou can only select one color for each of the three areas.

finalize colors

Once you’re satisfied with all three colors hit the button to move to step three.

Naming your theme

In step three you can name your theme and give it a description. This will help other users find your custom themes. Now just hit the Make My Theme button.

Install Theme

You will be prompted to either install your own theme on to your personal Chrome or share your creation with others.

Share theme

If you hit the Share Theme button a URL link will be displayed. Copy and paste this link to share your theme with friends.

Finished Theme

Your customized frames will show up whenever you use Chrome. Your customized image will only appear on new tab pages.

My Chrome Theme let’s you quickly change the look of Chrome’s frames and background. You can choose between images, filters, and colors to customize your browser. You can even select random designs. You may install your Chrome themes or even share them across the web. My Chrome Theme will allow you to easily make a personalized browser.

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