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How to: Create Polaroids from your photos

Elena Santos


There’s something special about Polaroid photos that make them still attractive these days – even after having been discontinued for more than a year now. Maybe this is why there are a few websites and software tools that let you create Polaroids from your digital photos, and keep that endearing look from last century alive. It may not be the same as the real thing, but it’s a quick, simple effect that can make any standard photo more attractive.

Rollip: Create Polaroids from your photos

  • Instantizer – Fill in a simple form with a photo from your hard drive, a custom message and an optional rotation degree, and you’ll get an instant Polaroid with a link that’s valid for 24 hours. Simple, yet effective.
  • Photo Notes –  Select a photo from your PC or a website and transform it into a Polaroid with a few extra options: custom text message, image position, rotation, text font, etc. You can also share it by email or publish it on a web gallery.
  • Rollip – A popular website that lets you create Polaroids with color effects, decorations and a custom message in three easy steps. The image is immediately available for download or sharing online in an email, IM or blog.
  • Poladroid – If you prefer using software, this is the tool you need. Drag and drop any image on Poladroid’s interface and the program will transform it into a Polaroid right away. You can even shake the file to make it appear faster, like the real Polaroids!

Last but not least, here are a couple of Photoshop tutorials I wrote a while ago that also let you apply the beauty of Polaroids to your photos: one tutorial to create a nice Polaroid collage with different images, and another one to transform a single photo into a bunch of Polaroids scattered all over the screen.

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