How to delete your browsing history and protect privacy in UC Browser

If you’re a user of UC Browser 10, you might be wondering how to delete the history of the sites you’ve visited. This process has changed from earlier versions of the popular Android web browser, so it might be confusing if you’ve just upgraded from the previous release. Actually, it’s very easy to remove your history in UC Browser.

Besides deleting your browsing history in UC Browser, you can remove cookies, clear form data, and wipe the cache (or a combination of all of these). Here’s how:

1. First, press the Menu icon.


2. Click on the Settings gear icon in the UC Browser toolbar.

3. Scroll down to ‘Clear Records’ and press it.

Clear Records

4. You’re now given the option to clear Cookies, Form, History, and Cache. Make sure ‘History’ is ticked and hit the Clear button. After a couple of seconds your history will be removed from UC Browser.

Clear HistroyNow you are finished, your history gone, saving you space and protecting your privacy.

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Note: Original article published May 7, 2012

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