How to: disable StickyKeys, FilterKeys and ToggleKeys

How to: disable StickyKeys, FilterKeys and ToggleKeys

How to disable Sticky KeysWindows have a series of keyboard accessibility options (namely StickyKeys, FilterKeys and ToggleKeys) that are supposed to improve user experience for people with certain limitations in their vision, hearing capacity or mobility.

While this is a truly laudable aim, these options can become an annoyance when triggered involuntarily while you’re playing your favorite game or concentrating on some important document. This is why I was happy to read a post on OnSoftware Spain that explains how to disable accessibility keyboard shortcuts so that they don’t bother you anymore.

So, next time you get any of those annoying dialog windows – by repeatedly hitting the Shift key, for example – click on the “Settings” button. You may also go to Control Panel > Accessibility options, and you’ll open the Accessibility configuration menu. Click on the Settings button for the first one (StickyKeys) and uncheck the “Use shortcut” option.

How to disable Sticky Keys

Then repeat the same process for the other two (FilterKeys and ToggleKeys) and your working or gaming sessions won’t be interrupted by these windows again.

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