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How to earn points by using Microsoft Edge

How to earn points by using Microsoft Edge
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Microsoft Edge is a free Chromium-based browser for Windows you can download with a click of a button. Along with storing passwords and the Bing search engine, Edge also offers a rewards program for user searches and trivia games. You earn points through this duo to trade in for gift cards from popular retailers such as Starbucks and Amazon.

Microsoft Edge Download

Microsoft Edge and Bing make it quick and easy to collect points in a variety of ways. Read on to find out how you can earn rewards while using these quick and fun tips.

  1. Go to Bing to find Microsoft Rewards

    Search in Microsoft Edge with Bing

    Once you’ve downloaded Microsoft Edge, you can click to the browser to earn five Microsoft Reward Points immediately and daily. Then, go to and the top of the screen will show your current reward points. Click the trophy icon to see your daily options and start earning more points.

    The menu will show the amount of points you can win for tasks with three highlighted ways, including a daily search. By pressing “More Activities,” you’ll find additional options to gather points as your total count for web searches and using Edge as your main browser.

  2. Choose the search result task for quick points

    Bing search engine

    Navigate to the Daily Tasks tab in Microsoft Rewards. The first link to click on should be a search engine result for 10 points when you follow the link. These links could lead you to results about history, music, sports and more. From there, you can help Bing by clicking through results and learning more about the daily topic.

  3. Play ‘This or That’ trivia game for 50 points

    This Or That

    ‘This Or That’ requires using Bing search results to solve a trivia question. You will choose between two options and use the search engine to find the right answer and win the largest reward. The point of this game is to click around the Bing platform and make an educated guess. There are 10 questions with up to 50 points total. You can play ‘This Or That’ every day exclusively through Bing.

  4. Try the Daily Poll for 10 points

    Bing's Daily Poll

    The Daily Poll is a quick 10 points to add to your Microsoft Rewards. This task simply asks your preference between two things and adds earnings to your total. You can find pop culture polls and lifestyle questions to help Bing collect data to enhance their search engine. After 24 hours, you can play a different poll and gain more points

  5. Check out your dashboard for special deals

    Get access to Spotify Premium on your Bing Dashboard

    Navigate to your dashboard in order to find special deals. You can locate the dashboard through the Microsoft Rewards pop-up to access the full webpage. There will be ads to help you reach your goal and gain access for free premium programs including popular titles like Spotify. Additional offers for trivia quizzes and adding extensions to Microsoft Edge grant you extra points daily.

  6. Redeem points for gift cards

    Redeem points through the Microsoft Store

    From your Bing dashboard, you can access the Redeem tab to see your rewards. In this section, you’ll be able to scroll through to donate your points or enter sweepstakes as well. The Redeem tab allows you to see your progress to gift cards for stores and online games. Entering sweepstakes requires less points than most rewards if you’re feeling lucky!

    A donation goal is rewarding to give back to your favorite charity with just a few tasks a day on the platform. You can check your daily progress and see the quickest goal to the reward you desire.

Earn rewards from Microsoft Edge and the Bing search engine

Start earning points today with Microsoft Edge and the Bing search engine! These tasks are easy and quick to complete if you have free time on your computer. All you need is the browser and Bing website to rack up rewards and collect your earnings.

Even if you’re devoted to other search engines such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge is a handy tool for fast trivia games and free rewards. Please feel free to like and share this article with your friends who are interested in earning points from browsing Bing! We invite you to leave a comment below with tips and tricks for both Bing and Edge.

Evangeline West

Evangeline West

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