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How to make it to the finish line in Stumble Guys

How to make it to the finish line in Stumble Guys
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Stumble Guys is a free game that has gone viral among fans of straightforward yet addictive multiplayer battle royales. The game is similar to the popular Fall Guys, another knockout release from developers Kitaka Games. However, Stumble Guys differs in a few ways, namely the jumping mechanics, obstacles, and some different gameplay touches.

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In Stumble Guys, you are competing with up to 32 players in a multiplayer setting. You’ll have to run and jump to the finish line in 17 different obstacle courses with three rounds for each level. These obstacle courses involve dodging falling snow, jumping over islands, and avoiding traps. Using your arrow keys or touch screen on mobile, your customizable avatar must beat the other players or start over if you lose. While Stumble Guys takes some practice to perfect, there are a few key tips to emerge as a champion.

  1. Adjust controls and settings on your gameplay and character first

    Adjust the settings

    In order to take advantage of your gameplay, you’ll want to set the controls to your personal preferences. Click through the main menu to “Settings” and change the volume as well as the resolution that you can best see on your screen. Advanced options include keymapping to change your movements, such as using the arrow keys or WASD keys. If you’re on mobile, you can set your clicks to one touch or multiple movements at once.

    With the free Stumble Guys game, you can customize a default character and unlock more skins as you win races and collect gold. Start out by tweaking your character’s appearance through different colors and emotes to stand out on the playing field. When you’re playing with so many other people, you will want to keep an eye out for your individual character so as not to get distracted and lose.

  2. Choose to win with speed or defense

    Dodge obstacles with speed

    If you’re comfortable with controls and can run, dodge, and jump as fast as you can through the quick races, you’ll want to choose traditional gameplay and make it to the end before other players. However, you can also sabotage other runners by “stumbling” into them to fall off platforms or blocking them on the race track. Newcomers to Stumble Guys may be under the impression that the game is a huge race and find out quickly that other players are more defensive in their tactics.

    Mini-games such as “Bombardment” feature your avatar facing a pirate ship and avoiding explosions. You have the option to dodge and slide to keep yourself from falling into the ocean or find a spot to hide from the bombs. When you’re playing defense, pushing hiding players into the ocean is a good tactic as long as you don’t stumble along with them.

  3. Take note of your obstacles as you play along

    Use platforms to jump to safety

    Just like any other game, you’ll face difficulties winning each level, especially in a multi-player format. Players can purchase in-game season passes for advantages over the free gameplay. It’s important to make it to the finish line in the obstacle courses but also vital to learn from each challenge. There will be different levels where you have to avoid falling off platforms, using speed and defense to win against other players, and others to wait out the game, though that’s not recommended as your opponents can make you lose the level.

    By taking mental notes of your levels and the quickest way to avoid obstacles, you will have an advantage in the next round. There are scenes where you need to jump to safety and others where you have to move out of the way and keep running. Don’t slow down and wait for an obstacle to clear as it will allow players to get ahead, make you stumble and lose, and have to start the game over.

  4. Race your way to the win with Fall Guys free edition

    Stumble Guys is a free learning experience as well as an entertaining game for those who enjoy multi-player programs. With practice and dedication, you’re able to learn the best tips and tricks to win against your other players and advance in your stats. This title can be enjoyed over again as you face new challenges and upgrade your skills.

We hope you enjoyed this helpful guide! Looking for similar games to play with your friends? Check out our full collection of battle royale games available for download!

Evangeline West

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