How to get Google security alerts on your phone

How to get Google security alerts on your phone

Google LogoAfraid of your Google account being stolen by malicious thieves? A theft of your account could compromise your email, data, and Android devices. Ever since last year’s change to user tracking a breach of one account could mean identity theft across YouTube, Google+, Gmail, and Google Drive.

Google has had email notifications for hacking attempts before, but added phone alert support. This is an excellent means of keeping your accounts protected even when you don’t have access to a PC.

With these simple steps across your computer and phone you’ll have a great means of arming yourself against account theft.

Protecting your account

This security feature is located within the Google Accounts Security page.

Google Security SettingsYou have to add your mobile phone number.

Google attach mobile numberGoogle will text a one-time verification on your phone which is used to confirm the changes to your account.

Google confirm codeNow check the corresponding notification boxes on the right.

Google Phone Alert SecurityAt the moment, Google Security Alert texts don’t function outside the United States. Also there is currently no added support to protect Google Apps.

For those within the US and able to receive texting, phone alerts provide an extra layer of security that emails can’t cover. When your Google account is breached, a text will be sent with steps on how to recover and safeguard your identity. This is handy for if you don’t currently have access to email or don’t want to sift through messages.

If you still don’t feel completely secure even with phone alerts, consider also checking out Google’s 2-step verification. This will completely link your account and phone, requiring a randomly generated code for each new device you’ve logged in to. 2-step is quickly becoming the authentication standard; it is not only used by Google but other companies such as Dropbox, Facebook, and Amazon.

Phone notifications are a great means of keeping your Google accounts safe. It is a quick and simple process to verify your account and mobile device. As long as your phone is nearby Google will let you know of any problems targeted against your account. When you need even more security 2-step verification can be applied for even more protection.

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