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How to join a game’s online community

Trevor Hutchins

Trevor Hutchins

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If you haven’t joined the online community of a game, you’re missing out on something special. There are a number of ways to do it and there are a whole lot of game communities, but joining the team almost always feels great. Almost always, because let’s be honest, some communities are, well…

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How to join a game’s online community

That being said, gaming alone and gaming with a community is the difference between celebrating your birthday alone or grabbing pizza with the squad. If you haven’t already, we’d recommend giving it a try!

Choose a Method

As we’ve said, there are tons of ways to join a community, which makes it difficult to create discussable categories. But we worked together three pretty solid sections: console, online, and in-person communities.


Many consoles like PlayStation and Xbox allow users to meet, collaborate, and communicate over games.

For example, Microsoft provides every game on the Xbox with a “Game Hub”, where users can collectively discuss, post videos, develop Clans, and create Group Requests, which joins the players in a party chat. Altogether, these abilities work great for games like Halo 5, where cooperative “fireteams” of Spartans go head to head in futuristic battles. Depending on those involved, the teamwork involved can bring teams together as friends.

So, whatever game you’re playing, make sure to check what your console offers. You may discover long-time teammates or a few buddies you can talk with to make gaming a bit more fun and friendly.

Also: many games, Fortnite especially, allow users to meet in-game. Here are some articles that discuss the topic more in-depth.


The main question to ask is, what do you want? There are many online resources that help communities gather, and even more application that can be used for the same purpose. Here are a few:

  1. Reddit. Commonly called “The Front Page of the Internet”, this site offers numerous discussion pages, called subreddits, for literally anything. If you’re a game, make a Reddit account and subscribe to r/gaming. Do you have a specific game you enjoy? How about r/halo, r/bloodborne, or r/breath_of_the_wild? The downside to Reddit is that although posting, commenting, and discussing works well, it may be hard to find a specific group of people.
  2. Facebook. A classic. Facebook excels at allowing users to create small or large groups. Thanks to the personalization, this makes it easier to plan events or work together, rather than posting memes. On the other hand, Facebook’s relative intimacy means you may need to search a while for the right group for you.
  3. Twitch. This site does more than let you watch games: the following, commenting, and friending services enable the development of community like the other sites we’ve mentioned. However, in contrast with Reddit and Facebook, Twitch takes users right to the games with live feed videos of players. This hands-on style may be up your alley.

If a site wasn’t mentioned, we apologize. Please mention it in the comments below and remember: you don’t need to tie yourself down to one website. Most users have accounts on multiple sites. What matters most is what works best for each person!

In Person

Despite being in the communication age, meeting face-to-face can still create one of the best gaming experiences.

Keep an eye and ear out for opportunities in your community. Yes, it’s possible that nobody in your area actually plays the games you enjoy… but that’s highly unlikely. More often, you can discover fellow players through conversations about your interests. A number of gamer clans have been developed by adults who met in the office!

For the younger crowd, schools create the perfect environment to meet friends. If you’ve tried to discover teammates with no luck, consider making your own club or event: schools are often glad to accommodate student-run activities. With a little initiative, you may bring together a group of fellow gamers!

Trevor Hutchins

Trevor Hutchins

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