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How to legally download YouTube videos

Nacho Requena Molina

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At some point, you might have liked a YouTube video and thought to yourself: “Can I download it onto my cell phone?” The answer, of course, is yes: You can download a video onto your smartphone to watch later. Still skeptical?

Today we’ll show you what we think is the best app for legally downloading YouTube videos. It’s easier than you think.

How to legally download YouTube videos

YouTube Go

Welcome to YouTube Go. With this program, not only can you learn to download the videos you want, but you can also use it as a default app to watch clips from the popular streaming platform. Why? It’s better – much better – than the regular version of YouTube. However, before explaining its features, let’s teach you how to download videos.

YouTube Go Download YouTube Go

YouTube Go lets you save your video data so you can watch it later with complete freedom. To carry out this task, just click the video you want to download and a tab like this will pop up in front of you.

Choose low quality if you have a poor connection or a poor data plan. Choose standard or high quality if you’re on a good connection.  Each video can be played or downloaded. Click Save and the video will end up on your SD card or phone memory. Nothing could be easier.

What YouTube Go offers

Now that we’ve shown you how to download a video, it’s time to explain what YouTube Go brings to the table compared to the regular YouTube app. First of all: a smaller size. YouTube Go only takes up 9.4 MB, far from the 120 MB of Google’s main YouTube app. A smaller size will positively impact your memory and, above all, performance time.

The future of Download websites is… ? Know some and its alternatives.

Another great aspect of the Go app is that it asks for the quality you want to watch the video. Sure, the official YouTube app can set a default streaming quality, but this method lets you choose on a per-video basis. 

It goes without saying that any video downloaded to your phone doesn’t need an internet connection to work. When you save a clip to your memory, the app uses it directly and doesn’t buffer it, so it doesn’t use up data. In fact, you can watch it without being connected at that moment.

Now that you know everything YouTube Go offers, do you dare to try it? We guarantee that once you use it, you won’t want to go back to the main YouTube app (especially when you discover other features, like sharing videos among friends or its link previews).

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